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Salvador Dali's Birthday

Library of Congress / mediadrumw/WENN
Salvador Dali's Birthday | Hollywood.com
INCREDIBLE black and white images of 20th century artist Salvador Dali have been released on what would have been his one-hundred-and-thirteenth birthday.

Pictures show a flamboyant, moustachioed Dali standing next to fellow surrealist artist, Man Ray in Paris in 1934, posing with a carved wooden black head against his face and another of the cat-loving artist and his beloved ocelot cat called Babou, who accompanied him everywhere he went.

Another monochrome photograph depicts the Dali Atomicus, which shows the artist suspending in the air whilst cats and water fly across the foreground.

Others show the Dream of Venus pavilion Dali designed for the New York World’s Fair in 1939.

The artist attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, his work was first recognised after his first one-man show in Barcelona in 1925. A year later, he was expelled from college and held his first show in Paris and met Pablo Piccasso, who he admired greatly.

Dali was considered the leader of the surrealist movement and his 1931 painting, The Persistence of Memory, depicting melting clocks is still one of the most recognised works of surrealist art today.

His other famous paintings include, Swans Reflecting Elephants, Galatea of the Spheres, The Burning Giraffe and Tuna Fishing.

Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain and died at the age of 84 on January 23, 1989.